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Benefits of Swimming that you should know

If you want to lose weight efficiently, then you need to swim regularly. Swimming helps in burning excess calories in the body. Within an hour one approximately burns 423 calories. This is healthy for the body. Swimming is an aerobic exercise, hence it helps in strengthening the heart and making it to become larger. By making the heart larger will ensure that the heart pumps blood efficiently leading to better blood flow in the body. When one is swimming the constant repetition of strokes will help in improving muscle endurance. Since water is much denser than air, the higher resistance generated against movement of the body can cause the muscles to become strong and toned

swimming regularly has shown evidences of lowering depression and anxiety in the body. Swimming releases endorphins which are the natural feel good hormones that make one to experience a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. Swimming can be helpful for the lungs. Aerobic exercises such as swimming can help in building lung capacity. During the aerobic exercise your heart rate increases alongside your lung efficiency. Swimming will help in activating the large muscle group that require large volume of oxygen to perform their task.

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