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5 Health importance of laughter to your body.

1.laughter helps in relaxing the whole body.

Laughing heartily relieves stress and physical tension and as a result,your muscles are relaxed for up to 50 minutes.Your mind inturn gets relaxed and enables you feel comfortable.

2.laughter also boosts your immunity system.

You resistance to disease is improved when stress hormones are decreased as a result of laughter.Immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies are also increased by laughter.

3.Laughter protects your heart.

Laughter protects your heart from heart attack and other cardiovascular problems because it improves the function of blood vessels and also increases blood flow.

4.Laughter helps you to live longer.

People with strong sense of humor tend to live more years to people who are always serious and moody.failure in laughing most of your time deters you from other significance of laughter such as stress relieve.

5.Laughter helps to lighten anger's heavy load.

Anger and conflict diffuses faster with a shared laugh.Also,you can move on from hardships and confrontations without holding onto bitterness or resentment.

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