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Signs that may suggest you have a kidney disease

The kidneys are vital organs in the body. They play a major role in filtering the blood and urine formation. The kidneys receive a quarter of the blood pumped by the heart.

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Some of kidney functions include;

1. Drug elimination

2. Production of hormones such as erythropoietin which aids in red blood cell formation.

3. Vitamin D synthesis.

4. Balancing body ions and extracellular fluid.

5. Production of Renin which plays part in blood pressure regulation

Kidney diseases can be classified as acute or chronic. They include glomerulonephritis, Nephropathy, Kidney stones, etc.

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Signs to look out for in kidney diseases.

1. Fatigue

2.Dyspnoea ( shortness of breath)

3. Body swelling.

4. Puffy face especially in the morning after waking up.

5. Skeletal muscle pain.

6. Constant vomiting which is caused by increased uremia.

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Risk factors for kidney diseases.

Below are some of the risk factors that can potentiate or lead to development of acute or chronic kidney failure;

1. Overweight people (Obese)

2. People with high blood pressure

3. Diabetes mellitus

4. Family history of kidney disease (genetic predisposition).

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