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'At This Point, I Broke Down And Begged God To Take My Son Away Because Of This' Woman Confesses

When Damah Ben went to hospital to deliver her baby, she hoped for a healthy baby just like any other mother would. Unfortunately, immediately after birth her son developed health complications and had to be admitted in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for about 2 weeks.

After which they were discharged and went home. Suddenly, the baby’s deteriorated and almost stopped breathing, a month after being discharged from hospital. Dama and her husband rushed him to hospital in panic where he was resuscitated successfully and eventually they were readmitted in the high dependency unit.

She recalls that her baby was stuck in bed with many medical tubes coming from his nose and mouth including one that asked her with oxygen.This sight was bearable for her and she broke down frequently and cried.

She confessed that at some point she prayed to God and begged Him to either heal her child or taking him away because she felt he was going through immense pain. Luckily, God eventually healed him and they were discharged him. Today, he is alive 5 years old and leaving with cerebral palsy.

Presently, Mrs. Damah Ben is an advocate for parenting special needs children with a smile.

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Dama Damah Ben


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