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Here Are Main Reasons As To Why Men Prefer Thinner Ladies

Before any man decides to stay with a lady,there are many things which he has to consider first.

There are those men who will want to have fat ladies who are refered to us big machines,and there are those men who will prefer to have ladies with make up and those who will prefer ladies who are natural.

Today we want to have a look at why some men prefer thinner and slim ladies .

Here are some reasons;

1.Slim ladies are usually seen as healthy

Slim ladies are mostly associated with having flat bellies and smaller waistlines due to their flexibility.

Also slim ladies are less exposed to the risks of being attacked by dangerous diseases such as heart attack and diabetes compared to big bodied ladies.

Slim Ladies heart pumps blood freely due the fact that they are fat free and there sugar level is normal which makes them resistant to these diseases.

2.They are perceived as sexually agile

Slim ladies rock their fellas really good.This is because they are light in weight,easily controllable in bed and all that stuffs.

3.Slim ladies are more talkative

These ladies have alot of stories which they can share with there husbands without them being bored.

These ladies are tempers easily,but they forget everything within a short time.This is what makes most men love these ladies because of these character trait.

Due to these,men find these ladies more attractive.

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