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Covid-19 Jab Should Be Mandatory To All Citizens [Opinion]

Corona virus pandemic is a serious disease that has swept away millions of people worldwide. This disease has brought a lot of activities in various sectors to a standstill. For this reason, no one should try and joke with this deadly virus. Covid-19 is real and it kills and if you have been infected or even heard of a relative with this killer disease then you must be lucky and you should thank almighty God for His protection.

Different scientist all over the world has been doing research day and night only to find away of defeating this pandemic. By good luck, Oxford University managed to come up with Astrazeneca Vaccine to help in fighting the virus.

Different countries have managed to find their doses. Kenya has not been left behind, through the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta via ministry of health being led by CS Mutahi Kagwe, they ensured that covid-19 vaccine is issued to the public free of charge.

Despite being free, research shows that less than 20% of Kenyan population has received the jab. Therefore in my own opinion, I think it is high time the government should ensure that covid-19 vaccine is compulsory and those who would have not been vaccinated within the speculated period should be charged in the court of law.

Drop your opinion, do you it is a good idea for vaccine to be compulsory?

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