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5 Reasons you Should Not Eat Too Much Spinach

Versatile and delicious leafy green vegetables example spinach is an excellent source of fiber, proteins and various vitamins and minerals. However many people don't know the side effects of eating too much spinach. Today I want to educate us.

1) Limited calcium absorption. Spinach has a compound called oxalic acid, which hinders calcium absorption in the body. Our bodies need calcium in order to have strong bones, eating too much spinach may affect you.

2) Causes kidney stones. Too much spinach may also play a part in the formation of calcium oxalate which forms the most common type of kidney stone. Spinach can lead to hyperoxaluria which is excessive urinary excretion of oxalate.

3)Causes gout. Eating a lot of spinach causes gout because it contains natural purines. Foods high in purines such as spinach should not be consumed in extremely in large amounts.

4)Drug interactions. Spinach has a very high content of vitamins K, which may interfere with certain medications for example those of diabetes.

5) Spinach allergy. Eating a lot of spinach may make you to experience some difficulties like trouble breathing, itching, skin irritations, swelling in hands and feet, diarrhoea among others.

It is good to eat leafy green vegetables, however let's eat all these vegetables in moderation. Don't over eat one. Share the article to your friends.

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