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9 Ways to lose weight in 14 days

Weight has been an issue many women struggle with, research shows a larger percentage of women struggle with diets and workouts just to keep shape.In todays society a lot of men like petite women with great figures, this has made women suffer emotionally because of how they look.Women develope esteem issues and try everything from slimming teas to corsets.

Well today i will tell you the best way to loss weight. yourself first- if you look at yourself with positivity and love yourself first the process is going to be so easy

2. Intermittent fasting-this has worked for a lot of people you can take your first meal at 12 noon and your last meal at 8.00 pm the rest of the time drink tea or a bowl of fruits.

3.Drinking water-Water is a good detox for your body it flushes out toxins so taking water is quite helpful when you are trying to lose weight.

4.Do abs workout-A lot of people do abs workout like leg raise, planks, sit ups , squats and mountain climbing this workouts are helpful in flattening your tummy and waist.

5.Reduced portion -eating half of what you used to eat is also quite helpful once you reduce your meal size and drink lots of water you will always feel full.

6.Eating proteins-Proteins are good for weight lose your plate shouldn't lack proteins like eggs,fish and pork.

7.Reducing carbs- carbs and starch are notorious for weight gain, eat just a little amount or cut off completely, avoid foods like white rice, maize flour and white bread.

8.Running or walking-Running for 30 minutes a day burns a lot of calories, if you prefer walking then walk for a long distance it will help burn fat.

9.Eating vegetables-Eating vegetables and fruits everyday is good for your health vegetables like kale, spinach, and cucumber are good for your body, fruits like apple, lemon, banana, watermelon, pineapple and mangoes are good for weight loss

I hope this will be helpful

Thanks for reading ensure you follow me.

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