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Meet Selwa Hussein, The Woman Who Carries Her Heart In A Bag

How would it feel like having to carry the most precious body part, your heart inside a bag? For 39 year Selwa Hussein ,this is part of her normal life after she was diagnosed with a severe heart failure.

Doctors diagnosed her with severe cardiomyopathy after she started complaining of breathlessness. She was then rushed to Hareford hospital where she was too I'll to be put on life support and also to have a heart transplant.

Her husband Al decided that it was best for her to have an artificial heart. She carries a spare unit in her backpack and has only 90 seconds to connect to her backup unit.

This is what she had to say concerning the issue.

"I was so ill before and after the surgery that it has taken me all this time to get fit enough to come home."

She is so lucky to be alive. What are your views on this article? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and don't forget to share and follow me for more interesting articles.

Content created and supplied by: ChristineKakiiWambua (via Opera News )

Al Hareford Selwa Hussein


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