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Home Remedies To Prevent Coccidiosis In Your Chicken

Chicken are prone to Diseases and they always need medication so that they may not die and get losses instead of profit. Coccidiosis is the most common disease that attacks the chicken and it can sometimes lead to death.

Instead of always buying medication to your chicken Thier are home remedies that can help you fight Coccidiosis in chicken. Even the chicks when hatched can be given all these to avoid high mortality since chicks are prone to infections.

To prevent your chicken from falling sick them use these home remedies that you are going to add them to their drinking water daily. Number one is take the aloe Vera, mix in the water to be absorbed in the water. Mix pepper in the same water and you can add sugar mostly for the chicks since sugar can help them gain energy.

The aloe Vera plant is good for the chicken since it is aherb which is full of Nutrients and minerals. It will help boost their immunity and prevent them from getting infections. Aloe it's an anti inflammatory which might help the chicken from getting sick.

The pepper also is good to be added to the chicken water. It is rich in vitamin C and minerals that may help boost the immunity and the anti inflammatory present in this plants can help prevent the disease that are caused by infections and virus.

On the other side sugar is good mostly for the chicks since it helps to give energy and it acts as an antibacterial. Mixing both these three things in water and give it to your chicken you will never find your chicken falling sick or dying from infections.

Those things are available and affordable you can find them near you. Make it a routine the chicken water should not lack those things.

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