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Reasons Why You Should Avoid Odowa Stones At All Costs

Hello dear readers. Welcome to my blog. Make sure to like, comment,share and follow me for more health articles update. Today I will share with you why you should avoid odowa stones at all costs. Many pregnant ladies love eating odowa stones. Most of them say that they have a lot of calcium but that is not the case. Odowa stones do not contain enough calcium for you and the foetus.

Disadvantages of eating odowa stones

Odowa stones might not be safe because they might have been contaminated by running water. During rainy season, water may stagnate and when you dig those stones,you will be infected and you might even diarrhoea.

Odowa stones might also contain disease causing microorganisms. You might fail to see them with your naked eyes. No matter how you wash them,you can't get rid of all. These microorganisms will cause some Infections like cholera and affect your health.

These two reasons will make you avoid odowa stones at all costs. They do not contain calcium. Instead,consume calcium rich foods like milk, fish and green leafy vegetables.

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