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5 Main Causes of Cervical Cancer in Women

Cervical cancer starts in the cervix which is a part in a woman's body that joins the vagina to the lower uterus,this cancer mostly starts when a healthy cell inside the cervix begin to develop and multiply rapidly creating abnormal cells which turns out to be a tumor.

It is not yet clear what causes cervical cancer but different tests have been done to establish that a sexually transmitted infection by the name human papilloma virus causes this cancer.

Below are the factors that cause cervical cancer:

• Having sexual activities at a very early age.

• Sexually transmitted infections like syphilis,HIV/AIDS and gonorrhea increases your chances of having cervical cancer.

• Having intercourse with many partners who in turn also have different partners.

• When you have a weak immune system due to an underlying health condition and the same time you are infected with a sexually transmitted disease then you are at a high risk of getting the cancer.

• Excessive intake of tobacco through smoking creates a cell that causes cervical cancer in women.

It is therefore important to have regular Cervical tests to help detect the cancer early enough for better treatment.

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