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5 Tips to reduce risks of Getting cancer

Cancer has become a major killer disease in the country recently.We lose many lives to cancer and we should know how to prevent it and reduce risks of contracting the disease.Some of the tips to reduce risks to cancer include:

1.Regular medical check ups.You should visit your doctor for regular check up and screenings,incase of any cancer growth,it can be found earlier and therefore, treatment is easy when found out earlier.

2.Avoid use of tobacco and unhealthy substances.Refrain from smoking tobacco and other substances such as bhang since smoke from smoking tobacco clogs and accumulates in your throat and trachea, thus exposing you to cancer.

3.Getting vaccinated.In order to reduce risks to cancer, getting vaccinated against certain viral diseases is necessary,such diseases such as Hepatitis B can predispose you to cancer,therefore you should get vaccinated.

4.Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun.In doing this ,you reduce the risks of contracting skin cancer ,you should avoid direct sunshine from 10a.m to 4p.m.

5.Maintaining a healthy weight and physical fitness.You should carry out some exercises early in the morning and late in the evening,this enables you to stay fit and prevents you from obesity and overweight.In doing this you reduce the risks to breast cancer, prostate cancer and even liver cancer.

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