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Why You Should Not Use Cotton Swabs To Remove Wax From Your Ears

When cleaning our ears most of the time we use the cotton ear buds. Have you ever known that they are not recommended for use in your ears by physicians?

The wax in our ears should only be removed when it is excess and can be seen on the outer ear. When you use the cotton buds to remove the wax, they don't do much. If the wax is in excess it only pushes it further into the ear instead of coming outwards.

The best way to remove the wax is by scooping and this is best done in hospital. A special tool is available for removing the excess wax from your ears. Only clean the outer ear using a small towel and the ears are good. Inserting any object into the ears is unrecommended.

You should also know that ears clean themselves and therefore you don't need to stress yourself cleaning them. Like, share and follow the page to receive notifications when new articles have been published daily.

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