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The Best Plants That will keep you healthy and Strong

Aloe vera

This is the most important grows in dry areas and store a lot of water hence requires little water to survive.However, Aloe Vera has varied medical values which may include the following:it reduces constipation, it prevents digestive distress,it reduces acne and improve body immunity


It has religious significance among the Hindu requires water for growth.In addition to that, Tulsi play important role in medical field which involves it gives strength to fight stress, treat indigestion, anti-cancer, treat cough, good for hair loss, heart diseases among many others.


Besides the being used as medicine to boost immunity,enhances mood, repeal cough and help body digestive system run smoothly,mint is also use to repel pests and diseases.


It is flavouric and romatic plant which has wide customed variety of medicinal applications which help solve so illhealth multipractices in daily solve the following improve eyesight,cure acidity, controls cholesterol, prevent bad breath, improve breast milk supply in lactating mothers among others.


It has the following medicinal properties cure urine retention, improve digestion, controls menstrual cycle as well as treatment of acne

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Aloe Vera Hindu Tulsi


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