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How to use honey as a hair growth remedy

Honey is a common nutrient in most households and well known for its medicinal purposes. According to studies on google, honey is used as a treatment for wound healing because of its ability to promote cell growth. A review shows that honey can promote the growth of epithelial, skin, cells which make up follicles and ducts on the scalp important for the growth of hair.

Honey is also rich in antioxidant properties, which helps in reducing hair breakage, hair loss and keeps your hair strong and healthy. Its anti-bacterial properties also help in prevention of scalp infections that can leave the scalp feeling itchy, red and swollen, and effect hair growth.

To you use honey as a hair growth remedy, mix half cup honey with one cup of water to thin it out and make it less sticky. Generously apply this mixture on your scalp and spread it around your hair. Let it sit for 45 to 60 minutes and rinse your hair with warm water. If you want to moisturize or deep condition your hair, banana or avocado and honey are two ingredients that work well as a hair mask.

Here is a YouTube video review on how to use honey for hair growth.

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