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Three People Confirmed Death Due To Covid Vaccine In Scotland

Three people was reported to have died due to adverse effects of coronavirus vaccine in Scotland today

Some reports concerning side effects of the vaccine were being reported including headache ,blood clot, body weakness,nausea and vomiting.


According to BBC news, three people today was confirmed dead after they were given the vaccine in Scotland. According to the National Records Scotland, the three deaths was considered in the context of the millions of first doses that have been administered in Scotland.

National Records of Scotland (NRS) said the effects had been recorded as the "underlying cause" in each of the three deaths, which were before 30 April. Scotland has currently administered first dose of the vaccine to more than 2.8 million people but the side effects was very mild.

The "vast, vast majority" of Covid vaccine side effects were very mild." said Prof Linda Bauld.

People should know that the risk of covid-19 vaccine does not outweigh the benefits of using the vaccine therefore they should not fear to be vaccinated.

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