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'We Should Reject NHIF Services Now' Public's Demands Arise After Private Hospitals Declaration

Public demands continue rising on another level following all the Private Hospital's report in the country that they will be rejecting all NHIF patients as from next week.

With lots people putting their worries on a common hustler who may not be able to raise the Five Hundred shillings fee monthly for the life insurance service, i direct my blames on the government.

This is because, while you are using NHIF in government Hospitals, sometimes you won't get medicine, instead they directs you to the pharmacies. But when you are using the same NHIF cards in private hospitals, you get full treatment.

This then sounds as a form of government dictatorship just in the name of economy, and by directing all private Hospitals to shut down the services to people it directly means that they are aiming on full benefits over the service.

However, On the other hand they are right to reject it because NHIF don't pay at times, they take even three years to pay or even after you have given up. Their systems are very slow and even goes ahead to not working for days which discourages clients from using the services.

But if it comes to deduction of client's salaries, they are very fast and the systems never fails at this time. What is your take on this? Is our Government really serious about ordinary Citizen's lives?

Below are some of remarks from different souls;

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