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What you need to do to keep your bones healthy.

Bones are an important part of your body. They play a very important role in providing structural support to the whole body, protect the major vital organs within the body and also provide attachment of muscles that help in motion.

It's very important that we build strong bones from early childhood all the way to adolescent life. It's also important to take care of your bone health as you age.

There are some several factors that have been associated with bone weakness. These factors include:

1. Consuming a diet that is low in calcium.

2. Older people are more likely to develop bone issues.

3. Women are more affected by bone conditions.

4. Thin people are more likely to develop bone issues as they age.

5. People who are physically inactive are more likely to develop bone issues.

It's important to consider foods that can help in such issues. These include the following.

1. Your diet must contain sufficient calcium from dairy source and also sardines.

2. Engage in physical activity.

3. Get enough vitamin D during sunny days.

Once these ideas are put in place, your bones will be strong and healthy throughout life, even at old age.

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