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The Best Eggs To Consume And With Alot of Benefits For Your Health

Have you wondered why some eggs these days do not taste better as they used to be? In recent past days, a lot of discussions have been held concerning the beat eggs for consumption. Whether eggs from grade layers, eggs from improved kienyeji chicken, or eggs from Kienyeji chicken which is reared on free-range.

Research has shown that pure eggs which contain enough nutrients as eggs should are eggs from pure hens which are reared on free-range. These are hens which in most cases look for food on their own, they are left to move freely from one point to another.

The hens tend to get all the nutirnts they need from worms, grasses, banana leaves and other leaves that hens consume. These type of food are the ones that leads to production of quality eggs.

Currently layers are given feeds of low quality and some are injected some chemicals so that they can lay more eggs.

Such chemicals which layers are injected plus fake feeds that they are given are not good for human health.

So the best eggs with quality nutrients are eggs from free range.

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