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Lose Weight and have a Flat Stomach with Coconut water

'You want to lose weight .

Yes, but not just any old way: without starving yourself, without depriving yourself, by making you happy.

To successfully lose weight, it is essential to be motivated, to choose the right time and not to set too high goals and finally to accept a less spectacular weight loss. Do not plan to lose more than 1 pound per week. The fact of permanently changing your habits and adopting a varied diet are key factors of success.

A serious diet must make it possible to maintain a diet as varied as possible, in which all the food groups are represented. Never skip meals, stick to three meals a day and have a snack around 5/6 p.m. Have a piece of fruit, like an apple for example, at all times.

Do not use a dish several times and reduce the quantities consumed. Take the time to eat more slowly. Eat less salt because the salt reinforces the feeling of hunger. It is necessary to drink at least 1 liter to 1.5 liters of water per day.

Limit alcoholic and sugary drinks as much as possible because they provide a large amount of calories. Lose weight sustainably, without risk to health, it is possible ... provided you give up diets!

When you have weight problems and are having difficulty losing those extra pounds, it is very important not to get discouraged and to stay motivated.

There are solutions for those who are desperate and cannot. You have to know how to stimulate yourself by repeating phrases like "I want to lose weight quickly and well, I want to lose weight quickly ..." because they allow you to better prepare mentally.

For those who are determined to lose weight, sports that burn a lot of calories and practical tips that will help you lose weight on a daily basis.

Stop sodas and alcohol which encourage weight gain. Ban, at best remove all prepared meals opted for homemade. Favor foods with low glycemic levels. Favor carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread) in the morning, since they are used for energy and will be eliminated during the day.


Unripe coconut water

Quackgrass root


Take the water from 4 coconuts, make an herbal tea with the roots


Have a large glass morning and evening at bedtime

NB: Also play sports to accompany this recipe Avoid eating too sweet.

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