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Kenya Records 32 new Covid-19 Cases Today

The world pandemic that has claimed million of lives across the globe is still here.Covid-19 pandemic will forever be documented in the world history for its detrimental impact on this planet.

The pandemic for over a year has kept the whole world in a worry.The numbers of patients with Covid-19 Cases were always rising and rising.

Frantic efforts by scientists in the laboratories and all other researchers' fields were the only hope in wait.Costly containment measures needed has had a serious impact on our country's economy.

However,it is still sad news in Kenya today.This monster is still with us and we should keep adhering to its containment measures.Its a worrying moments to have such news when the campaigns are at their peak.This might aid a deadly spread of the virus again.

In addition,dropping of use of face masks as a policy will be another major concern.Today according to Citizen TV Kenya;

I guess no one wants to be in lockdown again?

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