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Nurses Delivers Bad News To Security Department Following This Incidence That Surprised Many

Covid-19 pandemic is one of the viral diseases reported to have claimed lives of many. According to health ministry, this disease so far has claimed even lives of frontline workers. Frontline workers here are the doctors who have always worked tirelessly.

Despite all these struggles from the side of doctors, there has been many challenges facing doctors as frontline workers. Health workers report indicates that at times it may not be better pay but also working conditions.

According to report by Citizen tv, introduction of curfew has caused more harm than good to the health workers. It was reported that one of the health workers in Keroka hospital was beaten by police officer on patrol, leaving him with injuries.

Health workers in their report, they said that life is very much important especially when dealing with patients. They reported that the idea of them being punished as a result of disobeying government measures should be well addressed. Some reported that if at all they are dealing with lives of people, why again being beaten yet in line of duty.

In addition, Keroka health workers reported that matter to Karoka police station, demanding for their cry to be had. This was seen to have created more tension between the health workers and even the security department as a whole.

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