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“Why All Medical Organizations Logos Have A Snake On Them” Medics Asked To Elaborate This

Health Care Organizations are the companies that provide offerings to clinical authorities like nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc. Their fundamental purpose is to provide well being services at lower price and in better amount so that these may also be made on hand to a tremendous number of members.

Some hours ago through the KMTC official Facebook page one person raised a concern after doing his research where he realized that all medical organization bodies had a logo with a snake symbol on them. According to him he wanted an explanation from medics so that he can understand about it more.

This post attracted the attention of many medics where they tried to explain to him according to their knowledge. Most of them refered him to the bible saying that it's a symbol of healing like the one which Moses was told by God to make so that when people would look at it they would will get healed while they were in the wilderness. Other used scientific ways to elaborate it saying it is a pathogen image which the medical organizations treat. According to you what can you say about the snake in the logo?. The following are some of elaborations from Kenyans.

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