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10 Ways On How To Fight Autoimmune Diseases Effectively

Autoimmune disease is when your immune system mistakes a part of your body to be a foreign substance and attack it. The usual symptoms of this diseases are often ignored or misunderstood. The following are some of the strategies that can help you deal with autoimmune diseases.

1. Eat whole foods and inflammatory diet- Always focus on the anti-inflammatory foods which include vegetables, sweet potatoes, nuts and fish. Ginger and tumeric can also be added when cooking.

2. Watch for hidden infections- Seek medical practitioner to be able to identify any symptoms that might indicate infection from your body and help you eliminate them with medicines.

3. Check for hidden food allergies- There are food allergies that go unnoticed as you are always trying new kinds of food and ingredients in your life. Do food testing and 10 detox diet to help eliminate food allergens from the body.

4. Get tested for celiac disease- People who are on gluter based diet and and have celiac diseases have higher levels of antibodies in their bodies which can be the causes of your autoimmune disease.

5. Check for heavy metal toxicity- Always make sure you consume organic foods and wash fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking them. Heavy metals such as silver, mercury and lead have increased due to rise in industrial pollutants and use of fertilizers and chemicals in farming.

6. Fix your gut- Immunity lies in the single cell of the gut where breaking it gets th the immunity system activated and start reacting to toxins and food. Always maintain Mediterranean diet to rebuild your gut.

7. Regular exercises- Engaging in simple exercises such as walking and swimming can help get rid of autoimmune disease.

8. Implement supplements- Implementing nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D and fish oil can help get immunity.

9. Practice deep relaxation- Always keep stress in control to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. This is because stress can trigger your immune response.

10. Good sleep- Lack of enough sleep can damage your metabolism which can actually cause autoimmune disease and diabetes.

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