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Reasons for imbalanced posture

The way you align yourself while training will determine the effective of your exercises, prevent the occurrence of posture imbalance and injuries. Our body is made up of interlocking support structures that rely on the balance of each other to hold the whole thing together and allow for stressors like resistance or impact to be added.

When a muscle works, it contract and activates. To balance your training you should work your muscles all the way around a joint.Overdevelopment of one side of the body in specific muscles can actually pulls a joint out of alignment, for instance if your biceps were overdeveloped, they could pull elbow joint into extension and the shoulder joint into forward rotation. You risk getting an injury if you're not properly aligned.

Modern life subjects us to many misalignment issues, repetitive motion injuries and stress around joints that we don’t realize is happening until something starts to hurt. This is because in daily life, we don’t always use opposing muscles in a balanced way. Most movements we make in our daily life are in a forward direction, example driving, walking, cycling, sitting among others, this creates imbalance in our posture because some muscles are overused while others are underused.

There's need to focus on strengthening the muscles that aren’t activating as often. For many people, it’s about deliberately strengthening the back body muscles, and stretching the front body muscles more so you can bring the body into balance.

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