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Common Signs Of Chlamydia Infection That You Should Not Ignore

Chlamydia is one of the Most common Sexually Transmitted Infection that fails to show symptoms in infected people. It is Commonly referred to as a silent STD. Most people who experience symptoms of Chlamydia often confuse it with a regular urinary tract Infection since symptoms mimick each other.

However symptoms of Chlamydia may disappear within some few days after exposure but the bacteria will still remain active in your body and one can continue spreading the Infection especially if a person has more than one sexual partner.

Regular screening of Chlamydia is recommended by a doctor so that one can be treated early with a regular Antibiotics Course before it progresses to pelvic inflammatory disease and cause infertility issues later on in life.

Common observed Symptoms in Chlamydia include

1. Testicular pain in males and abdominal or pelvic pain in women

2. An abnormal Penile or Vaginal discharge

3. Burning Sensation when passing Urine

4. At times one may feel pain when passing out urine

5. Vaginal bleeding

6. At times one can have an abnormal eye discharge

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