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What Different Menstrual Colour Means To Your Health

Usually, menstrual bleeding varies from day to day. Different people experience different colours in their periods, from the bright red colour that appears on the first day of bleeding to the deeper tones that can accompany bleeding.

Although your period may look different every month, don't worry about any changes or problems. By becoming more aware of your period, you can take proactive steps to improve your health. According to Healthline, although menstrual blood often varies from one end of the colour wheel to the other, certain colours can indicate physiological disorders or other factors.

According to Healthline source,

if you want to know the state of your health, the colour of your blood can tell you a lot.

Bright red.

Red blood cells are often seen in the early stages of bleeding. At the beginning of your period, you may notice that you have more blood than usual because the blood in your vagina has just been released. People who experience the rash often also bleed bright red. Stretching the penis increases blood flow, which can feel like pain.

red chocolate.

Red, brown or black period blood indicates old age. It is normal for the blood to flow more slowly and become darker towards the end of the cycle. As old blood is removed from the deepest layer of the stratum corneum, blood flow also decreases.


Blood that appears pink is often the result of a combination of light bleeding and white discharge. The light period can sometimes affect the pink colorcolourth control users often report seeing pink spots during their periods because they expect a lighter cycle.


Vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis should be treated immediately if there is grey discharge.

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