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How Nature's Deadliest Venom From "Nyoka" Snakes Is Used As Medicine For Saving Lives

Animal venom especially from snakes are used to immobilize and kill prey in seconds. The venomous toxins mostly target the preys vital body parts which has extreme precision and potency, and this has made them to be vulnerable templates to craft new drugs.In Brazil it's now a habit for them to look for snakes with dangerous venom and create a drug which mostly cures hypertension.

Captopril drug which is derived from snakes venom was approved by FDA back in 1981.Captopril is a drug which is just new to many people, but after it's approval it made realize that venoms could be useful in creation of modern medicines.Since the emergence of captopril, there are also two more drugs which were formed,eptifihatide and terofiban.These drugs came from the dusky pygmy rattle snake and saw-scaled viper and these drugs from snakes were approved back in 1990s, and the drugs treat mostly people with heart conditions.For those main types of heart attacks, there are three types of drugs to treat the disease but two of them came from snake venom.

Worldwide, over 100,000 fatalities are estimate to occur as a result of the venomous snakes bite.But the good news is that, the same snakes are also making their mark and have become helpful to human beings despite them being dangerous, they still save more lives.Recently there are now more than seven different types of drugs which have been derived from snakes venom and the drugs have been approved by FDA. The drugs treat conditions ranging from hypertension and other heart conditions to chronic pain and even diabetes.

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