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Uproar as KEMSA is Got Up in Another Fake Mosquito Nets Mega Scandal

Global Fund has unraveled a mosquito net supply scandal where millions of Kenyans were supplied with inferior/fake mosquito nets between 2018 and 2019. Most Kenyans are still using the inferior nets upto now.The inferior nets have been blamed for the current spike of Malaria infections in Kenya and other African countries.

The culprit is a Pakistan- based Manufacturer named Dawa Plus nets who used ineffective Chemical amounts and shabby fabric. The Kenya Medical Supply Authority (KEMSA) has been blamed for continuing to purchase the life saving nets from the supplier directly with total disregard of quality control reports.

Global Fund in an official report said that KEMSA continued to procure the inferior nets from the Pakistan based Manufacturer called Tana Netting without quality checks. The nets procured by KEMSA tear easily( have a short lifespan) and might not kill or disable mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are supposed to be long lasting with ability to physically prevent mosquito bites and chemically kill them.

From Global Fund official findings, 20 other African countries received the bogus nets. Kenyans should check the quality of nets they're using at home, You may as well as dispose off your net if you acquired it in 2018-2019 to clear any farther risks.

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