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Irungu Kang'ata, BBI Money For Vaccine Purchasing, Blames Health Ministry For Ignoring Other Vaccines

Former majority chief whip senator Irungu Kang'ata while in the morning show on Citizen Television together with his fellow panelists has constantly re-affirmed the need and importance of prioritizing vaccinations to Kenyans and has gone ahead to suggest that some of the political agendas of the country are not that much important as the lives of Kenyan people.

Covid 19 cases are now rising in Kenya and at the moment more deaths are witnessed as opposed to the previous months. It is confirmed that third wave has taken a full effect and it has been felt as a result of many positive cases and deaths.

Kang'ata has adamantly opposed the view of allocating more billions to Building Bridges Initiative and says it will be proper to put that much money in vaccines purchasing.

Instead of losing these billions in other items which are not of priority we should use it to purchase vaccines and conduct maximum vaccination.

These events came about as the panelists were discussing the ravaging virus and its effects it has caused economies.

The centre discussion was about vaccinations and how it is affecting the Kenyan people. In India it has become more worse as death toll rises every day for more than 2000 per day.

India has been our sole country issuing AstraZeneca vaccines and now that they have a great difficulties with the virus, it only means that nations depending for vaccines from India have to wait a little bit longer.

This means that the country needs to adopt other vaccines types an idea Irungu Kang'ata has constantly agreed with and at the same time criticise the ministry of health why they rejected Sputnik v vaccine which could play a pivotal role for Kenyans with ability to pay for the vaccines.

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