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I Was Born Without Private Part, Cervix And Uterus- Lady Reveals

Julian has revealed that she was born with a condition called MRKH. The condition means that she was born without a Vagina, cervix and. She was diagnosed with the condition after she went to the hospital complaining of leg pain.

She was born in Machakos county at 7 months and her mother gave birth at home. Her grandmother used the natural incubator until she attained 9 months. According to her she never experienced menstruation.

When she went to the hospital complaining of leg pain, the doctor asked her when last did she menstruate. She told the doctor that she has never menstruated and that's when the doctor suggested she do a scan.

After the scan was done on her, it was confirmed that she had no vagina cervix or uterus. She was afraid to hear about such a condition although the doctors tried to encourage her. They admitted her to the hospital but they were not offering her medication. She decided to go back to school since she was in form 3. The doctors told her she can undergo surgery To have a vagina when she feels she wants it. After form four She decided to undergo surgery For her to have a vigina and was happy since it was successful.

She said that she can achieve intimacy with a man just like any other woman but she can't bear a child. She has urged parents not to force children with such conditions to undergo surgery when they are young but should let them decide on their own To understand it better.

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