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Divorce Affair

Why Are People More Stressed Than Ever?

Stress is a non- specific,physical and emotional response of the body to any demand done on it.There are many causes of stress nowadays. These causes are mainly divided into three.


This may be a loss of a loved one due to death of a spouse or through a divorce. Loss of a support system can also make one get stressed.This happens when you are left alone to solve your problems.A good example is when you lose your job meaning you have no income.

2.Unresolved issues.

This includes low self esteem, which makes one feel unworthy.A person with a high self esteem has a self conscious in the presence of other people.Traumatic experiences may make one get stressed.They results to fear, mistrust and nightmares.

3.Unrealistic expectations

These leads to impatience and if one is impatient with himself or herself one feels disturbed.This is referred to as perfenisim.These people set very high goals for for themselves and other people.

To prevent this kind of stress, don't Alway expect too much from yourself or from others.Perfenism leads to failure and rejection.

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