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Update on suspected Ebola patient under quarantine in Mumias, Kakamega

A suspected Kenyan Ebola patient who traveled to Uganda may not have the disease, according to preliminary tests.

32-year-old man admitted to Mumias hospital with Ebola symptoms.

The man visited a relative in eastern Uganda on September 15.

Uganda has confirmed 36 Ebola cases and 19 deaths.

According to the Kenyan patient's medical history, he was cut in Uganda. He sought treatment in Uganda. Treating the cut. He went to Kenya for medical care. On September 28, he had blood in his urine and went to St. Mary's Hospital in Mumias.

Main Ebola symptoms include fever, aches and pains such as severe headache and muscle and joint pain; weakness and exhaustion; sore throat; loss of appetite; gastrointestinal symptoms include abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea, and vomiting; and unexplained bleeding or bruises.

Mumias Sub-County Health Officer Charles Namasake told The Standard that the patient's "sole Ebola symptom" was bleeding from a bodily orifice.

"Preliminary tests suggest he's Ebola-free. He peed blood. Namasake sent the urine sample to KEMRI in Kisumu for analysis.

The Mumias head public health officer claimed the patient didn't have fever, aches, or diarrhea.

Namasake: "It's unlikely the patient has Ebola."

The patient will stay in quarantine pending test findings.

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