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Physical Exercise and Bodybuilding

What to consider during workout.

It is a norm for every human being to exercise and involve in activities related to body fitness.

During this, many people do not understand key activities and appropriate methods to use so as to realize an effective workout for better results.

In this article, am going to remind you on the important aspects one should incorporate for efficient and effective body exercise.

Rule no. 1: Ensure flexibility.

Body flexibility is key in any form of exercise. This comes with a number of benefits only after adhering to the techniques necessary.

Here, one has to make sure that all body organs are flexible and movable to avoid muscle cramps and stitches.

This is only achieved if one involves workout routinely and on almost daily at specific times of the day.

Rule no. 2: Incorporate different exercises.

Workout comes in different types. During this, it is advisable for one to engage different exercises as they help in maintaining body fitness.

Different types of exercises includes;

Morning runs



Sit ups

Dances etc.

This is so effective mostly in the mornings or even late in the evening as they help refresh the body as well as improve strength.

Rule no. 3: Proper diet.

As it is known, work out requires energy. Before starting any exercise, one should check on the type of diet intake and make sure more of direct carbohydrates are consumed.

Immediate and fast energy giving foods are mostly fruits such as bananas. These fruits contain enough energy for a two hour workout when consumed on the right time as they are assimilated directly into the body organs.

For effective timing, take two bananas 20 minutes before starting your workout and get better as you progress in your exercises.

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