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This is why you should stop taking 'the little blue pill' (viagra) over the counter.

Sildenafil commonly known as 'the little blue pill' is a strong drug used to treat erectile dysfunction and other heart diseases such as pulmonary hypertension. It is very important that it should be prescribed by a registered and qualified physician to ensure that you get the right dose and that you fully qualify to be treated with the drug.

Viagra causes prolonged penile erection up to four hours which can be painful at times. This predisposes the penis to micro tissue injury that subsequently causes erectile dysfunction.

The pill when taken without prescription can cause sudden vision loss and hearing loss. The reason is because it causes impaired blood supply to the optic and vestibulocochlea nerves respectively.

Stroke or simply cerebral vascular accident is also potentially caused by the pill.

The 'little blue pill' also causes irregular heartbeats putting more pressure on the heart and some vital organs like the kidneys and the liver.

It is worth noting that viagra can cause sudden death and especially when taken over the counter and if one has an underlying heart problem such as hypertension.

Research has shown that Sildenafil (viagra) puts you at risk of getting skin cancer (melanoma). This is why anytime you take this pill, it should be prescribed by a physician and that you deserve it.

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