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Opinion: The Real Effects of Technological Devices to Our Health

Author : Sammy munene

In this evovled era , most of us absorb 3 times more information compared to fifty years ago, hence everyone, has to interact with computers.Those devices subtly change your back, eyes, ears and brains.

So is all this techno-toiling bad for us? That depends on the devices you use and how often.

No one expects you to put down your smart phone and live like our ancestors did. Researchers are conflicted so far, though, about whether the effects of media are good or bad for our brains. They do agree that it’s changing how we think.Throughout our lifespans, our brains always change.

Now lets look at this effects;

1. Failing Memory

You drive while talking on the cell phone, text while listening in on a conference call, surf your iPad while watching TV. Multitasking is the new normal, and though it feels like we’re more efficient, studies show it has the opposite effect. Multitasking reduces our performance.

2. Emotional Instability

Most adults don’t need 450 Facebook friends to feel validated. Teens, however, are emotionally more vulnerable to the effects of rampant texting and online sharing, psychologists and physicians say. Here’s how:

Through : sleep deprivation, too much codependence and having no alone time

3. Strained Vision

Most likely we're all familiar with computer vision syndrome. Handheld devices force users to position the equipment closer than eyes want, You have to exert more muscular effort to see at that distance and experience more symptoms than other technologies.

4. Hearing loss

Can you hear me now?Probably not well, if you blast music through earbuds for long stretches, though wear and tear on ears is normal, resulting in some hearing loss in seniors. But what you do early in life sets the stage for how well you’ll hear as you age.

5. Muscle and joint pain

Suffering from sore wrists and thumbs is a common thing, the result of repetitive movements show up in almost every thumb-typer.

Lets work on this as I work on the next article on how to solve all this severe troubles and definitely have happier and longer lives.

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Content created and supplied by: SMunene (via Opera News )

Sammy munene


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