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Mombasa Sex Workers On Streets Over ARV Shortage

In the past few months, Kenyan government has experienced the shortage of Anti-retroviral drugs (ARV). This has caused a very serious alarm to sex workers and people living with the virus. 

Due to this shortage, Mombasa sex workers and people living with HIV/AIDS has demonstrated in the streets . They were conveying a message to the government that their lives are endangered. This is because they are the one who are majorly exposed to this virus. 

Also to people living with this virus, they are fearing the amount of virus will increase in their bodies then resulting to death. They also said that they will contract the opportunistic diseases . These diseases will lead to their death because their immune system is not strong.

The government found itself in this situation when a crisis arose with USAID.This US based organization which is mandated to supply the drugs to the country delegated its functions to a private company.

Then, the government insisted that the private company had to pay the tax before the drugs enter the country. This crisis is the one has brought the shortage of Anti-retroviral drugs.

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