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3 Ways You Can Propagate Pineapples and Make Good Amount of Money

There is this nutritional all-star fruit called pineapple. Its demand has kept outweighing it's supply in most Kenyan markets. Get encouraged from today to propagate pineapples and make good money out of the crop. Other than the outstanding taste, pineapples can broaden your wallet and flourish your account.

In addition to their natural sweetness, pineapples shine since they offer plenty of benefits to the human body - a reason you won't be obsessed looking for market for these delicious tropical fruits. After all, they're easy to produce and require less labour force and capital to maintain.

This article will elaborate to you 3 simple but most effective ways you can propagate pineapples and thus make good cash. Meanwhile, get to first to understand the significant health benefits that make everyone fuel demand for these all-star nutritious fruits. (Pineapples are rich in Fiber, Carbs, Fat, Protein, Vitamin c, Vitamin B6, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Thiamin, Folate, Potassium, Niacin, Riboflavin, Magnesium and Pantothenic acid).

Most Significant Health Benefits of Pineapples

1. Contain disease-fighting antioxidants and other helpful compounds that fight inflammation and other diseases.

2. Have enzymes that help ease digestion.

3. Loaded with essential nutrients.

4. Reduce risks of contracting cancer and even multiplication of cancerous cells.

5. Help ease symptoms of Arthritis (inflammation of a joint or joints - causing pain, swelling, stiffness or even disability)

6. Speed up recovery after surgery or strenuous exercise.

7. Boost general body immunity.

3 Most Effective Ways You Can Propagate Pineapples and Make Good Money

Ok, propagating is simply causing to continue or multiply by generation. So in propagating pineapples, you want to multiply their successive production. So if you want to propagate or produce pineapples and get good cash, here are three most effective ways to do it:

1. Use of Crowns

Crowns are born on top of pineapple fruits and are broken off and prepared for planting. 99% of the pineapples we buy in market come with their crowns present. Crowns take about 2 years to reach maturity. One big advantage with crowns over the other 2 planting materials (discussed below) is that, they give a uniform growth.

2. Use of Slips

Like crowns, slips are also born on the plant. Though, unlike on top the fruit for crowns, slips are born just below or at the base of the pineapple fruit. One good thing about these slips is that, they have a faster growth rate as compared with crowns. They have an average uniformity in growth. Be informed that, for better results, slips and crowns are first planted in the nurseries before transplanting to the main seedbed.

3. Use of Suckers

Unlike slips and crows, suckers grow from the base of the main stem of the pineapple plants. Suckers have adventitious roots which grow quickly when planted to form a new plant. Like pineapples, sisals and bananas are other crops that can be propagated by use of Suckers. Infact, suckers tend to be merely the fastest in growth - as compared with slips and more especially crowns. The only big challenge with suckers is that, when they're planted, they may give uneven growth leading to maturity at different times. However, for a better outcome from suckers, plant them when they're still young.

So with any or all of the above 3 planting materials, you can propagate or plant your pineapples and wait for the best revenue returns. You can select the one that looks best for you among the three ways, then go ahead into producing pineapples.

Sharing this knowledge with your colleagues can benefit one or more of them. So kindly take it important to share or leave your comment on the same where possible. Don't forget to manage well your pineapple far (by undertaking the necessarily field management practices) if you chose to venture into pineapple production. Farmyard manure from cattle is a very special nutrients' source to regularly spread on your pineapple farms for good productivity.

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