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REVEALED: Signs Of The Deadly Disease Confirmed By WHO And How To Avoid Contracting The Disease

The world has been alarmed of the outbreak of a deadly disease called monkeypox. According to WHO there has been 80 cases that has been confirmed around the world. The case have been reported in 11 countries.

The signs of monkeypox are as follows;

1. Fever.

2. Chills

3. Body ache.

4. Exhaustion.

5. Painful rash.

6. Open sores on the face first before proceeding to other parts of the body.

Some of the signs are as similar as smallpox.

However one should avoid coming into contact with skin lesions of the infected person. They should also come into contact with their clothes, objects, and their beddings too.

According to WHO, tge first case was first reported in UK. The victim had travelled from Nigeria to England. Just imagine how many people he had been in contact with on his way, making the WHO raise alarm to the people. According to WHO about 50 cases are being investigated.

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