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Vegetarianism: When Good Is Bad

Is vegetarianism a healthy dietary lifestyle?

By now, everyone is familiar with the term "vegetarianism." For instance, vegetarians are those who do not eat meat. Otherwise, they rely only on vegetables for their daily meals.

Besides, most medical practitioners suggest that eating meat causes chronic diseases such as cancer. Such a reason may hold that we should be vegetarians.

Being a "vegan", as people have recently termed vegetarianism, is a good way of living, although it has its limitations. For example, some diseases and deficiencies appear when you feed exclusively on vegetables. Some include the following:

1. Vitamins Consumption

Vitamin consumption is essential for a healthy life. Like some vitamins are only available in meat, for example, vitamin B12. Such an issue makes vegetarianism have a negative effect since vegetables have no elements of vitamin B12.

Being a vegetarian would mean limiting the intake of the vitamin B12 component, which plays a critical role in the immune system of any human being. Hence, there would be a consequence of relying only on a vegetarian diet.

2. Lack of Supplements

It is difficult for a vegetarian to have supplements that have essential nutrients like iron. Consumption of meat as a supplement to a vegetarian diet would mean a lot for vegans. This is because consuming meats breaks up the monotony of eating one type of food.

Breaking this monotony has advantages, like the fact that iron is a nutrient in meat. Taking meat as part of your meals would help supplement such a nutrient enough. Thus, it would also be favourable for vegan breastfeeding mothers to consider such a supplement.

3. Low Levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Feeding on vegetables only leads to low levels of omega-3 fatty acids. The acids are necessary for pregnant women. A vegetarian diet means these omega-3 fatty acids are at minimal or zero intakes.

So, pregnant women who rely only on a vegetarian diet would get low amounts of fatty acids, and the situation would have a critical health effect.

It is essential to feed on vegetables, but the vegetarian diet has disadvantages. For a healthy life, it is necessary to combine vegetables with meat for your meals. Although this view will draw sharp criticism from vegetarians, it is vital for healthy living.

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