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5 Good Habits That Are Actually Bad for Our Health

Riding bicycle

It is true that riding bicycle has various health benefits to your body but there are also some negative side effects to this activity. Research shows that riding can make your bones weak because when engaging in this activity, we normally sit down; this makes it a physical activity without weight bearing. So even though you feel like you are using your legs, the force applied on the pedals does affect your bones

Using mouthwash

The only negative things with this product are the substance present in it. They arent actually designed to clear bacteria out, in fact they are some of the ingredients needed to create them. The substances can cause dry mouth which might later make germs and little bacteria to infest your mouth. All these leads to bad breath

Eating beans

A substance present in beans interferes with the production of calcium which makes up our teeth. For us to have healthy bones, we need to take foods that help in calcium absorption, beans does the opposite and this leads to weak bones. However we should not avoid eating beans overall because there are a lot of benefits, you just need to soak them in water for few hours before boiling. 

Eating spinach

Spinach has calcium which is a good thing but also it has a substance that Interferes with calcium production. You do not have to stop eating spinach, you just need to combine it with any other food that contains calcium too

Wearing tight clothes

There is nothing wrong with wearing fashion or trending clothes but there are some clothes that are not good for our overall health for example tight clothes. In women, tight jeans can lead to yeast infection especially to those who sweat a lot. Make sure you out on clothes that allows proper flow of blood in the body

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