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The Price Of A Brand New Oxygen Concentrator In Kenya

It's exactly one year and 4 months since Kenya reported its first case of COVID-19. The pandemic came as a blessing for medical supplies shops as the demand for various merchandise spiked.

Among the commodities that registered increased sales include face masks and oxygen concentrators. This article will focus on the later.

An oxygen concentrator is simply a device that purifies air drawn from the atmosphere, in order to deliver oxygen to a patient in need. Concentrators are able to deliver either pulsed or continuous oxygen depending on their types.

Patients suffering various respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19, pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung cancer may need an oxygen concentrator while at home. This necessitates either buying a brand new one or hiring one from dealers.

In Kenya, a brand new oxygen concentrator ranges in price, from Ksh 70K up to ksh 150k depending on various aspects such as amount of oxygen delivered per minute and the portability.

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