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Dangerous Disease That can be Spread by Eating Meat

Several diseases can be spread from animals to human beings or vice versa. These diseases are called zoonotic diseases. Some are so dangerous and may cause instant death or harm to our bodies. However, these diseases can be prevented. Prevention is the best method since it reduces the cost of the cure. I want to show you one very dangerous disease.

The disease is called brucellosis. This disease commonly affects animals. It is a dangerous disease and can cause death to the animal. The disease is caused by bacteria. The bacteria remain active in the meat and when humans eat the meat which is not properly cooked, consume the bacteria and the disease starts to build up in your body.

Those who eat feral pig meat are the most exposed to such diseases. It can also be contacted through the skin. This disease can be prevented through adhering to strict hygiene and also making sure that meat is properly boiled before ingestion.

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