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Foods and Exercises To lose weight without Losing your Bust

Going on a diet and losing weight is often something women look at with dread. On the one hand, because of the belief that it is something very difficult and a path full of deprivation, on the other, because of the fear of losing those things that they like so much about their body, such as breasts and back.

The reality is that the bust is one of the areas most prone to losing volume and becoming flaccid, however, we have at our disposal some tips and tricks to prevent this from happening. Do you want to know how to lose weight without losing your bust ? Keep reading this article and we will explain it to you.

Can You Lose Weight Without Losing Your Chest?

Every time the good weather approaches, with the arrival of a new year and new resolutions, for medical reasons or simply because they want to, many women want to lose some of those extra pounds. However, many do it with the fear that some areas of the body where it is not wanted will also be reduced, for example, the breasts. First of all, we must clarify that it is impossible to choose where we want to burn fat , therefore, it is very difficult to prevent the breasts from losing some volume if you lose considerable weight. Breasts are made of blood vessels, muscle tissue, glands, and fat, so if we lose weight, some of this fat will disappear.

However, what can be done is to enhance the muscle in that area to compensate for the loss of fat with muscle gain, also making the breasts firmer. To do this, we have to start from two basic premises: diet and exercise. In the following sections of this article we will talk about how the diet should be and what are the exercises that you must carry out to lose weight without your breasts falling.

Diet to lose weight without dropping the breasts

If only losing weight can become a real headache, doing it without having too much influence on our chest makes many women see it as a real odyssey. The reality is that the problem does not come so much from the loss of size, but there are a series of inconveniences and aesthetic problems related to the bust that, if not taken into account, can affect them.

The chest is one of the areas of the body most sensitive to fat loss, in fact, they are very vulnerable when it comes to loss of volume and flaccidity. That is why below we leave you a series of tips on how the diet should be to lose weight without the breasts going down :

  • Be disappointed, there is no miracle diet so that your breasts do not lose an iota of fat, but if you eat a balanced and gradual diet you will avoid sagging.
  • Losing weight gradually will prevent stretch marks from appearing , an aesthetic problem that you should avoid.
  • Do not get carried away by too strict diets that as fast as you lose weight you regain it.
  • Include proteins in your diet , especially fish, their polyunsaturated acids will make your skin more flexible.
  • Avoid fatty foods : red meat, butter and fried foods.
  • It includes fruits, vegetables and greens , especially green leafy ones, which have beta-carotene essential for the creation of vitamin A.

Tone without losing breast

Another elementary thing to be able to lose weight without affecting the breasts is to play sports. The exercise should be a mainstay in any diet , in this case also will be essential to keep the bust tone and no fall. The exercises that we propose below will not only help you lose weight, but will also tone the pectoral muscles, making you look like a perfect cleavage:

Cardiovascular exercise

Cardio exercises are essential when it comes to burning sham. It does not matter which mode you choose: walking, running, cycling or even dancing, but do it in intervals of rhythm, increasing it and decreasing it. You can start with a low pace as a training, alternate between higher and lower speed for half an hour to do the last 10 minutes at a low pace. Doing these types of exercises 3 days a week will help you lose weight more easily. 

Chest exercise

Many women have a real panic about weight training, believing - wrongly - that it will make them increase in size. The reality is that a woman's body is not designed for it, in addition, no matter how much your pectorals grow, they are hidden behind the chest and will not be seen. On the other hand, exercised pectorals will keep your chest firm , preventing them from sagging even though you lose weight. Some of the best exercises to keep your breasts lifted are:

  • Inclined presses with bench.
  • Lowering presses.
  • Openings.

It is recommended that you do these exercises with the help of a professional who explains very well how the correct technique is, otherwise you could injure yourself. It is also important to use an appropriate weight for your muscles. You should start with a resistance that you cannot lift more than 10 times. With time and series, as you improve, you will be able to increase the weight.

How to lose weight without losing bust - Tone without losing breast

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