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Ebola In Kenya: Doctors Say Kenya Not Ready In Case of Ebola Outbreak

Kenyan physicians have urged the Ministry of Health to improve the nation Ebola preparedness and surveillance measures.

The medical professionals claimed that through their Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists Dentists Union (KMPDU) the nation is currently not prepared to fully combat the dangerous virus.

The union secretary general Davji Atellah commented on the situation and expressed sadness over how poorly county and national administrations handled healthcare. Ebola mortality is typically 50% but it can reach 90% therefore it is important to have a strong public health system so that we can respond if there is an outbreak said Atellah.

KMPDU requested that the Health Ministry establish Ebola isolation facilities and outfit them with the required medical and equipment supplies in their proposals.

The union requested that the ministry teach medical personnel on how to react to possible or actual Ebola cases. It also suggested stepping up security at entrance points and borders.

The union also requested that the government send out fast reaction teams which are made up of epidemiologists to monitor any potential spread of the illness. Finally KMPDU asked the government to raise public awareness of the condition.

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