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5 Medical Conditions That Can Lead To Having A Swollen feet

Nevertheless, there are other causes of swollen feet that are not diseases or infections. Common causes of swollen feet include a sprain, a strain, hanging on to salt, lengthy periods of standing or sitting, pregnancy, an injury, menstruation, and medicine side effects.

However, a swollen foot may also be an indication of persistent illnesses or infections that require treatment. In this instance, we will discuss certain health conditions that can cause your feet to swell:

1. Kidney disease

Most persons with kidney illness have an excessive amount of salt in their blood, which can cause water retention. This might cause the feet or ankles to enlarge if it occurs. Therefore, if you see a lump on your foot, you should visit the hospital immediately.

2. Edema

Even though edema can affect any area of the body, the arms, ankles, legs, and feet are most commonly affected. Edema can be caused by persistent disorders within the body.

3. Illness of the liver

When the liver malfunctions or is not functioning properly, fluids tend to accumulate in the foot. This might cause swelling in the legs and feet. When it comes to liver disorders, those who use excessive alcohol are the most susceptible. Being overweight or contracting a virus can also harm the liver.

4. A cardiac arrest

When the heart ceases to function, blood will not reach all parts of the body as it should. This can cause swelling in your feet and legs, and you may retain water. If you have swollen feet, you should contact a doctor immediately to ensure that your heart is not in danger.

5. Blood Clotted

If blood transforms into a gel or semisolid condition and becomes trapped in the feet, the feet may enlarge. However, blood clots are treatable, and the majority of patients recover within a few weeks. This depends on the severity of the clot and its location on the body.

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