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All Restaurants, Night Clubs And Transport Sector Should Be Restricted Immediately [OPINION]

The state of corona in the nation is becoming more dangerous posing an increment in the rate of infection. Basing on yesterday's report, over 1000 individuals were reported being infected.

The third phase of this corona virus should not be looked down upon it. More Kenyan's life is in danger and if the government is not going to put more laws and rules on their people, it might end up losing many of people through the virus.

Reports are showing that some of the countries have already initiated the the lockdown and they are trying all their best to overcome the virus.

Due to the daily increase in the number of infection, it is my opinion that the government should reinforce some of the policies in areas like the restaurants, clubs and even the transport sector to obey and observe the the Covid-19 protocols.

More restrictions should be enhanced to owners of such facilities so that they can also participate in the control of Covid-19. No one would wish to lose his/her relatives, family members nor friends.

The number of passengers in vehicles should be as per the protocols given by the secretary Mutahi. They should keep one meter distance, wearing of face masks should be a mandatory and sanitization.

Those drivers who fail to obey the Covid-19 requirements should be put under restriction. The virus is dangerous and its third phase is more deadly. Kindly don't hasted to share this information to all possible individuals.

Let us remain safe by obeying the measures given by the ministry of health. Corona is real and it is killing our brothers and sisters.

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