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Breakthrough as HIV Vaccine Emerges And Gets Approved

HIV/AIDS is the most feared illness in the world and is termed as a death sentence by those who acquire it. Sadly, some people acquire this deadly virus unknowingly by either getting into contact with the positive blood or getting cut by sharp objects that got in contact with the HIV positive blood. Sadly, some people are even born with this virus as They inherit it from their HIV-positive parents.

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A few hours ago a vaccine emerged and got approved by the American food and drug administration to help in combating HIV/AIDS. According to the report, this vaccine will serve as a breakthrough for all people living with HIV for they will no longer rely on the ARVs that they take daily.

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According to the report, this vaccine will be administered to HIV-positive people twice a year. The vaccine will however not be offered freely but at cost. This clearly shows that this vaccine will only be available to the rich who will afford it. Please share your thoughts on this matter in the comments section below. Please do like, comment and share.

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