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How your mental health affects the reproductive system

A few days ago I was following up on Kenyan YouTube content and I stumbled upon the over 25 channel which btw (is one of my favourite content to binge on) ,and the topic of that specific episode was women's reproductive health . There were so many things discussed from all the bad signs the normal ones the yeast infection ,the UTIs , contraceptives , hygiene .But the ones that really completely caught my attention were the psychological direct effects on how the vagina and all its elements and functions can be hindered by stress yes you heard it stress.

Now normally the vaginal discussions will revolve around sex , birth , to some extent cancer but this one ,it really will shift your reasoning on so many things .

Research has proven that unpleasant discharge , irregular or missed periods ,vaginal dryness and tight pelvic floor which does not really come as a shock to me are all aftermaths of stress of course not in all situations there are extremes to this .

Vaginal atrophy which is the dryness is the most common when one is under stress. So how this goes it it affects blood flow which in turn affects with the natural lubrication and hence one is dry . Well who knew "just chill" is a remedy to a better sex experience because we all know not all lubricants are healthy for the vagina .

Irregular and missed periods which btw is frequently diagnosed as hormonal imbalance can be stressful especially when one is not aiming at conception. Anxiety releases cortisol which in turn shifts the cycle because of the sensitivity to the hormone and results to irregular or completely no menses for that cycle .We can as well change our minds on the sinister nature of irregular periods, sometimes it's our own self inflicted inconvenience. But all these has just been research if you experience these symptoms seek medical advice ,be in the know .

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